Become elite in producing software.
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We support software makers in gathering the actionable facts they need to achieve maximum productivity and deliver excellent service to their clients.

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Operational excellence for everyone.

Data-driven. Agile. End-to-end.

We believe in the power of fact-based knowledge. And we want to help others to tap into this knowledge and use it to create value.

The principles of Agile Software Development, Continuous Delivery and DevOps are deeply rooted in our DNA.

We are driven by the question:
How can we regularly gain fact-based knowledge about software development, QA and operational processes in order to be able to make objective decisions for improvement instead of having time- and energy-consuming debates with colleagues and superiors?



„Without data you‘re just another person
with an opinion.”

W. Edwards Deming

A single source of truth about your performance.

Everyone. Any time. Always up-to-date.

Establish a communication base with developers and a sound reporting framework with non-dev stakeholders. Make strange debates about time and money a relict of the past.
Free yourself from the complexity of running your software development department!

„A business should be run like an aquarium,
where everybody can see what‘s going on.”

Jack Stack

Software Delivery Analytics as a Service for managers and engineers.

Take responsibility. Give account. Be committed.

plyzen is a cloud-based data analytics tool for people engaged in the software delivery process.

  • Helps to increase the capability to deliver and to improve delivery transparency on the basis of scientifically proven effect relationships.
  • Provides an always up-to-date, analytical view of the activities in the software delivery pipeline.
  • Unveils bottlenecks and identifies impending problems early.

With plyzen it becomes easy to see through the obscurity of the process and master continuous improvement.

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